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We can't wait for your children to discover how much fun U.S. history can be!  Just take a look at everything that Learn Our History has to offer.  Here's just a taste...

Animated video lessons that make it fun to learn

Visual guides and quizzes to reinforce the lessons

Parental resources to track your child's progress

Your child will enjoy a front-row seat to American history in the making with entertaining, animated video lessons that help kids learn all about our nation's past.

Each video lesson comes with colorful glossaries, timelines, and challenging online quizzes to test your child's knowledge.

Every lesson comes with a dedicated printable parent guide to facilitate dialogue about the subject material and to help you check your child's work.

A fun way for kids to learn about American history, from the discovery of America to the present, and everything in between!

Helps children develop a strong sense of American pride and patriotism without exposing them to political bias.

Works on your child's favorite internet-connected computer or mobile device. No app required!

An educational revolution that will go down in history!

Co-founded by Mike Huckabee in 2011, Learn Our History is an award-winning online educational platform with a simple mission—to make it for for kids to learn American history.  Today, more than 500,000 families have already tried Learn Our History and millions of video lessons have been enjoyed by smart children across the United States.

Come discover why Learn Our History has become the favorite way for kids to learn U.S. history. There's no obligation and you can cancel at any time.  What's more, you're protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! So go ahead and try Learn Our History Today!

Entertaining animated lessons that make it fun for kids to Learn Our History

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