Our Lessons


Learn Our History’s films and supplemental learning materials are changing the way kids learn U.S. history all across America. 

Learn Our History has assembled an award-winning team of historians, educators, writers, and animators to share the United States’ incredible history with children like never before!

Presented in entertaining animation that kids love, our fun and unique video lessons follows the adventures of five time-traveling history students who set out to learn the truth about American history.  

As your children watch these exciting history lessons, they enjoy a front-row seat to American history as it happens!  In fact, they'll have so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning! All the while, they'll be experiencing U.S. history from a positive and patriotic standpoint.

And as they complete the supplemental learning materials, the key lessons from the videos will be reinforced in their minds.

Watch your children fall in love with American history! Start your introductiory trial to the Learn Our History series today!

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